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The Disability Support Unit (DSU) which is located within the Division of Student Services and under the management of the Senior Student Development Specialist is tasked with the responsibility of operationalising a disability support service that responds to the needs of a diverse cohort of students with disabilities. 

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Message from HOD

Welcome to the  Disability Support Unit.

The Disability Support Unit (DSU) functions as a support to students with disabilities and as an advocate to ensure their rights within the living and learning spaces at UKZN are recognized. The DSU has 30 staff members (DSU Coordinators, DSU Support Officer, Independence Trainers, Information Access Officer, South African Sign Language Interpreters, Reformatting Officers and Reformatting Assistants) who function on all five campuses. While a part of our function is to support students with access to information (residence, funding, etc.), we additionally advocate for students’ rights to access their academic material in a format that they utilize, reasonable accommodations, and access to the built environment.

We welcome students in all their diversity, and we wish you success on your journey.

Mr. Amith Ramballie